Hope in the future. Courage to be part of it.

Many of us love living on the Iron Range because of our deep family ties and commitment to

community. Our grandparents and parents had hope for us that we would have a better life and

keep Iron Range values alive, and we have that same hope for our children and grandchildren.

Preparing for a successful future depends on us standing up and protecting our Iron Range values

now. That’s why I decided to run to be your state representative.


A lifelong educator, I am committed to ensuring children on the Iron Range have the same

educational opportunities as students in other parts of the state. Studies show, and I’ve seen

firsthand, the importance of early childhood education. All children should enter kindergarten

ready to learn. I’ve had an amazing experiencing working as a music teacher at the K-12 level.

It’s amazing to watch children learn, grown and become independent. While families and

educators do our part to ready our children for lifelong success, we need assistance to help them

reach the next level. I will work hard to make college more affordable for students and their

families. The Iron Range’s future depends on an educated workforce. That will be a top priority

for me in St. Paul.

Job Creation

The key to growing jobs in Minnesota is passing initiatives to help businesses grow. A strong

business climate is critical to create more jobs. While management, labor and government have a

shared interest in keeping our businesses prosperous, the benefits that come from that

cooperation must also be shared. It makes little sense to stimulate development of businesses that

pay inadequate wages, offer few - if any - benefits to their employees and leave Minnesota

taxpayers picking up the tab for irresponsible management decisions. I also stand by workers

who dedicate their lives to helping businesses grow and be profitable, and will be a strong voice

in St. Paul to protect employee pensions.


Minnesota has long been known for its quality healthcare options. The Iron Range can be proud

of our healthcare providers, hospitals and nursing homes. But this isn’t something we can take

for granted. As one of the state’s largest items in the general fund budget, there are people who

are always looking to make cuts to health and human services funding. I know that when they

talk about cuts it’s not just about numbers on a piece of paper, it’s about lives. As your state

representative, I will always fight for funding so we can attract doctors, dentists and nurses to our

communities; keep our hospitals open and accessible to all; and support our nursing homes who

give amazing care to some of our most vulnerable citizens.

Gun Control

Hunting is a way of life in the Iron Range. Grandparents, parents and children have been hunting

together for generations and have wonderful memories of time spent in the woods and at the

hunting shack. That is something I never want to see change. I support responsible gun

ownership and the 2nd Amendment.  In an effort to become better educated on these issues, I

completed a Minnesota Permit to Carry course through a Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act

(LEOSA) licensed firearms trainer.  

Government Transparency

Citizens have a right to understand what is happening at the State Capitol in St. Paul and how

their taxpayer dollars are being spent to invest in our state’s future success. As your state

representative, I will always answer your requests for information and take your input into

consideration when voting on issues. I want people to be able to connect to the services they

need and to understand how effective government can make a difference in people’s lives. When

it comes to investing taxpayers’ dollars, I will oppose shifts and gimmicks to “solve” budget

deficits, for example, taking money from students and seniors to pay for transportation projects,

and I support sustainable funding options that account for inflation.